Friday, July 2, 2010

My Views on Drinking While Pregnant

I hate to rant and forgive me for this, but sometimes I'm a lil bitchy and just have to speak:

I was on a moms chat group this morning and a woman in my due date club confessed that she "accidentally" drank not a sip, but a glass of whine then a few sips of other peoples glasses. She also confessed that she did this on an empty stomach. So when her husband expressed disappointment in her she came to us for comfort and relief.

1st I am the biggest pregnant princess, I wont pick up shoes if I feel they're too heavy, but I do hate when a husband says something true and honest to his wife and all the other pregnant ladies jump on him like he should not talk to a pregnant woman like that.

Drinking while pregnant, I personally think that pregnancy is a time where we give up certain things for our unborn children, I don't believe in occasional sips here and there and I could honestly care less when the Dr. says it's ok to have 1 glass. Drinking is not a need in life, and there are adults who are not pregnant that chose not to drink, so why on earth can't a pregnant women refrain from drinking for 9 months?

What gets me fuming even more is that she wanted to find other mothers who are guilty of drinking while pregnant, so she could feel some sense of relief. WOW!!

I don't want to go long into this, but I personally don't agree with drinking while pregnant, of course I mean that is if you know you're pregnant. But they key word in what I just said. Personally. Which means it's my feelings and if someone else doesn't like them, then go ahead and have your self a beer, but please don't pass me one.

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