Thursday, July 22, 2010

On The Big Potty Now

We bought Vashon his 1st potty seat when he was about 16 mo old. We were silly to think we could potty train a 16 mo old but smart in introducing the potty to him. V$ and I fell victim of keeping of with the Joneses and went out and bought him this expensive Fisher Price potty seat. I think this thing was somewhere around $35.00, all his other little 16 mo old friends had this seat and it was so cool how it sang 3 different songs and kept your child more entertained with all did vs what it was actually meant for. We ended up selling this potty seat at a yard sale and only made about $15.00 on it. Vashon I think never used it and I may have used it once.......trying to show him, lol
I would NOT recommend the Fisher Price Potty seat it does cool stuff, it looks cool, but it's not practical and it's also not worth the money.
So when Vashon was 2 yrs old and we were ready to really start potty training, V$ and I went out to get him a new more practical potty seat. We wanted comfort and a low price. We went to walmart and found this Safety First Comfy Cushy 3 in 1 Potty, it was about $17.00 and it was a potty a convertible potty to be used on the adult toilet and a step stool. Since we live in a two story house we had to buy two of them, so we basically got two of these potty's for the price of one of the Fisher Price potty seats. Oh and it's super comfy seat is a plus Vashon loved it.

Vashon was a few months shy of being 3 yrs old when he became 100% potty trained minus night time sleeping (we use pull ups). I was in California the first time he went poop in the potty, since he was still potty training my mom went and bought this same potty for her house. So we have a total of 3 of these potty seats, lol.
I have no huge complaint about this seat it's easy to put together and Vashon loved it, no singing or lights to distract him from what he's really supposed to do. We potty trained Vashon in the bathroom so that he didn't get used to going to the bathroom in his bedroom while watching TV. lol. My only issue with this potty is the same issue I have with all potty seats, you can't flush them and they are not attached to any plumbing. Can you say Messy so we're a lil over 6 months into having a potty trained toddler and we're sick and tired of cleaning out that nasty potty seat. The pee sits and collects and smells the whole bathroom up and the it not bad enough that we still have to wipe him???? I don't want to wipe him and a potty seat. lol
V$ and I agreed that we would one day just take his baby potty seat away and have him use the travel potty covers we bought (yea we have two of those, also) they cost about $12.00, we use that when we travel to Ne Ne's house or a hotel it's simple and he can use them but he for a while had trouble actually getting up on the potty because he's small. (stools weren't working because he always removed them from the bathroom to try to reach other things, lol)
Well we finally did it and took his potty away one night and he didn't freak out. I took him in the bathroom and showed him how to put it on top of the toilet if it wasn't on there, and how to use the step stool to get on the potty. No more cleaning a nasty poopy potty seat..YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Now if I can only get him to wipe himself, i'll have a grown up. lol.

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