Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Weekend

We spent the 4th of July in Tulsa, OK with V$ family. I'm always the camera lady because capturing memories is very important to me. We all dress in red, white, and blue because I always want to be ready for a photo opt. lol.

As the holidays go on you will notice that my family will be dressed alike, yes we are that family and yes we do that. lol ( I may create a post about holidays from the past)

My baby bump wasn't showing good in my camera's pics but my cousin got some cute baby bump pics of me that I will be stealing from her FB soon

Some of the fireworks were too loud for him, lol

Vashon and some of his cousins

Vashon and brielle are 2 yrs apart but just about the same size.

My hubby preparing the meat. He was the chef at this function. He's great on a grill

Cousin Lonta and V$

V$ and his older brother Joe

This was so funny I come around the corner to see Vashon and the table with the men playing domino's, lol
We had a really fun 4th and it's always nice to see family. I must share that I was hit with a wild firework, that fell over shortly after being lit. I tried to run away but the sparks were just too fast. I have a small burn on my thigh but nothing major. The downfall, now that I know how much they hurt I'm probably going to be the crazy mom that doesn't let my kids do fireworks.

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