Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Hubby made Tech

My hubby who is in the USAF has been selected for promotion to Technical Sergeant. I am so so proud of him. For those of you that don't know this military lingo, making Tech is IMO a BIG DEAL. Many people test 5-6 times before passing and my husband passed at his 3rd try. This test is very hard and given all that we were going through at the time he tested (Feb 2009, finding out that Vayden probably wasn't going to live) I am even more proud that he showed up for the exam.

To the Stewart family this is bittersweet, we welcome the higher rank and the nice pay raise, but we were so looking forward to V$ retraining into another career field allowing us to leave Tinker AFB. Making Tech has possible hindered that dream, but we're still trying and still praying that God places us in the best place meant for our family. We will make the most of our stay in Oklahoma, but I can honestly say this state has it's bad and good.

Just another great thing that has happened to us in 2010, God is so so so GOOD.

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