Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm One of Those Moms

My kids are going to hate me when they grow up, but I surely have an album of laughs. Someone once told me that even when they do something bad, take a picture of it because most of the time small kids don't know that what they did was wrong or funny. Here is a sneak peak into all the silly things about Vashon. Be sure to read the captions they make the photo that much funnier.
Looks like a lil kid helping out while washing the car.....too bad we weren't washing the car that day. lol

Enjoying a nice snack in the laundry basket

Vashon thought that all the diamonds needed color so he took a crayon to the kitchen floor, this is a photo of him cleaning up his mess. (it was so hard not to laugh)

While I shop he pushes the cart (12 mo old)

What the heck is on your head??? oh that's your hair...right before his daddy finally cut it off.

I told Vashon poop goes in the potty, so he put his diaper in the toilet.

We fought and fought, but he won. Vashon wearing two pairs of pj pants.

Asleep on the floor with brother bear. Vashon put the cover over brother bear then himself and went to sleep. How cute.

We didn't even pose him this way. lol

At 1130pm I caught Vashon reading a bedtime story to his daddy...V$ was asleep already. lol

At my parents house we left Vashon alone in his room for 20 min and this is what he did..Yea and he was naked.

Painting with pudding, he had a blast. it my turn yet, mommy????

Caught him in the bathroom at his NeNe's house guess he used too much tissue. lol

Looks just like V$

LOL, Vashon fell in the empty ice cooler.

Fell in the box at my job.

He's so brave (2yr)

But mom I hate this car seat

Gangsta Babies

Mom I got my foot stuck

Why thank you Vashon, my coffee needed army men to add some flavor

His wild and crazy hair

I went upstairs to get more clothes for the donation box, and when I came down, I found this....


Vashon got into the Vaseline. lmao

It's boots the monkey

Left alone with a new pack of diapers, gee thanks Vashon

Hmm, wonder who did this??

WOW my earring covered in Vaseline.
My son is so silly, no one ever told me that being a parent would consist of this, but i'm so glad I was able to capture these moments to show his future wife. lol

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  1. Those are funny! It's def a good idea to capture those moments too!


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