Thursday, September 30, 2010

Think About It ~ Thursday

I love Craigslist, you can actually sell and buy some great stuff on there. I mostly use craigslist for outdoor play items for Vashon and some of those expensive baby toys that make sound, light up, and are highly overpriced when they only get used for a few months. But I draw the line at some things I will buy and most of the things I will sell.

Over this past week I spent some time on the site and some of the things that people put up for sale really made me say "C'mon now ppl think about it". Here are some of the REAL listings I've seen in the past week.

Used Sippy Cups for $7.50 - 1st of all why the .50cents? Really? 2nd USED sippy cups! I understand that you were basically selling them at under $1 a pc but I personally draw the line when I'm going to buy used sippy cups or baby bottles. Sorry.

Toddler 3T spiderman underwear, USED but in very good condition no stains or holes - $5.00 - Ick!!! are you kidding me. When you grow out of your underwear do you look at them and say well they are in good condition still so I'll just sell them online? umm no throw those things away and please don't put them for sale on craigslist. C'mon ppl think about it.....

Used Electric Breast Pump, I paid $300.00 for it, but I'm selling it for $275.00 - First of all it's frowned upon to buy used breast pumps, but to each is own. I've read about many women buying used and getting new tubes and stuff so basically all they buy is the unit used. But if you're going to sell your used breast pump for only $25.00 less than you paid for it new, umm you have something that you need to think about......

Used Crayons and Coloring books -20 coloring books slightly used and about 150 crayons - $3.00 - Yea it's a good deal, but slightly used? What does that mean when it comes to coloring books. The way I see it is you can go to wal mart and get a box of crayons for .25 cents brand new. Does the $3.00 really mean that much to you? You'd do better just donating this to a children's church class or daycare.

All I'm saying is there are things that are honestly worth the sell and there are things that you just need to chop up as a loss and say "I enjoyed it when I had it and now it's time to go". So the next time you're going to post something for sale on craigslist, really think about.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Verdict on the Stessful Breast

So a few days ago I posted how stressed out I was about which pump was best for me. I was a little stressed about breastfeeding in itself but my heart is in that and I really am determined to breastfeed. My worries centered around my unrealistic views of breastfeeding and breastfed babies along with which pump was right for me. I got a wonderful out pour of support from comments to messages on fb and some personal emails. It was encouraging to see that so many of you breastfed your babies like it was just something you had to do. It makes a world of a difference when you have a choice and when you don't. So that is my first approach, although I am not going to jump off the ledge if this doesn't work. I'm going in with the mindset that breastfeeding is my goal and like women that refuse pain reliving drugs during L&D I plan to treat formula the same. (I know that there are exceptions to the rules, and if all else fails then we will supplement, but that is if I somehow fall into the rare group of breastfeeding horror stories).

Yesterday when I got home there was box on my door step that said Medela, my breast pump finally came in. Today I took it back to the store for a full refund.

After reading review, after review, on so many different pumps I came to the conclusion that the $57.00 that I saved buying this pump on sale was not worth it, if it turned out that I didn't like the pump or need a pump of that magnitude. I realized that there were many options out there for me, like using a pump at the hospital, or renting a pump. I also came to the conclusion that pumping probably shouldn't be my main focus in the first few weeks, but if I did REALLY need a pump the store was not far. I need to mentally prepare myself for what everyone calls 2 weeks of Hell. Even the best breast feeders said that the first 2 weeks are a little funky and often that's when many mothers give up.

I just have a few questions, which I'm sure I'll ask while I'm in the hospital. I understand that colostrum is very thick and very filling for a new baby, but I've read of a few women that didn't get their milk in for like 5 days after delivery. What happens if I'm home & my baby is clearly hungry and my milk hasn't come in? I ask this because my husband can't stand to hear babies cry and I can only imagine what type of argument we'll have when he's reaching for a bottle insisting that I'm starving the baby and I'm crying about nipple confusion and the baby never taking my breast again. So please if this happened to you, tell me what to do.

I know it seems like I'm leaping so far ahead, but he's a man, and there are some things he just really doesn't understand. He's also in the military so he thinks very straight forward, if the baby is hungry then feed it, if you have no milk than buy some. I try to think about what he may think before hand so that I can be prepared to explain to him what's right and wrong.

So in regards to the pump, I'm happy with the decision I made, and even if it turns out that I will want or need that exact pump after baby VJS3 is born at least i'll know for sure vs the waiting and wondering.

Thanks again for all the wonderful support.

Think About It ~ Thursday

The other day I was talking to a friend who doesn't have children yet, but she's planning to have some very soon. It was so funny to hear her say things like "my child would never do that", or "I don't understand why parents allow their kids to act, say or wear that".

Vashon has now become somewhat vocal about his wardrobe. I am the parent that looks at a kid wearing snow boots, jean shorts and a pajama top in Wal-Mart and thinks....."what the H&*% is wrong with his parents and why did they let him go out like that". Vashon and I currently have a battle of the crocs going on. Everyday no matter what he's wearing he wants to wear these blue crocs. I've grown to hate the shoes I once loved so much. On Saturday we went back and forth over the crocs not matching his clothes for 20 min (tears were included) when finally I said "fine, we're just going to Wal-Mart, put the crocs on". Of course he was happy and that made his day and I was disappointed that I became one of the parents that I talk about.

So if you are not yet a parent think about not setting your hopes too high with the "my child will NEVER" because although some things are worth the fight, in the case of the crocs I had to learn to pick my battles.

If you're already a parent think about all the "my child will NEVER" things you said before you had kids.

*funny huh?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stress Over The Breast

I have to reach out to my readers because I'm stressing myself out far too much about this. I never thought the most stressful part of my pregnancy would be used on breastfeeding. (So if you know anyone who is an old pro can you pass this blog along to them, I'll welcome all the help I can get.)

I have overloaded my brain with all things breastfeeding. From regular old fashion breastfeeding, to exclusively pumping. My hopes were set very high or shall I say I was wishful thinking about this whole thing, but was soon brought down to reality and now, once again I've confused myself into a stressful battle over my choice to breast feed baby VJS3.

Vashon was not breastfed at all. I was young, dumb and never really thought about it while pregnant. I thought I'd try it in the hospital and if it didn't work.....then hand me the enfamil. Of course that lack of preparation made it very unsuccessful and I quit before I got started. I had bigger plans for Vayden, but God's plans were bigger so breastfeeding once again was not on my mind.

Third times the charm and I really want to breastfeed baby VJS3, but the more and more I educate myself the more and more I freak myself out.

Here WERE some of my wants and don't wants about breastfeeding. (most are unrealistic, I'm seeing this now)
I want my baby to have my milk, but didn't really care how he got it. Breast or bottle
I want to save money, the cost of formula is CRAZY
I did not want to have a baby attached to my boob 24/7, making it impossible for me to go anywhere or do anything
I want a baby that will take the breast but also take the bottle, so that daddy would have a chance to feed him, and I would have a chance to sleep.
I am aware that it is painful for the 1st few weeks and willing to push through
I don't want him to be totally dependent on me. I have a friend that breastfeeds her baby and the lil girl will hold off on eating (pumped milk from a bottle) until her mom gets home to breastfeed her.
I was hoping to breastfeed and pump for about 7-8 months and store up enough milk in my deep freezer to last me until he was a yr old.

I read great reviews about the Medela Pump in Style double electric breast pump, too bad I made up my mind about pretty much exclusively breastfeeding before I actually read about exclusively breastfeeding. Although this pump is heaven sent to these women most of them hate being constantly attached to a machine and would prefer to just have baby on the breast. So then I got the bright idea that I would breastfeed when I wanted to and pump and (bottle feed) when I wanted to. Umm yea that was shot down pretty quick as I've never heard about nipple confusion, supply and demand, and pumping at night even while the baby is sleep.

Still wishful thinking I begged V$ to buy me this expensive pump. We went back and forth about it and I had my mind made up, that this was the best pump for me. After a few days of tears, he finally agreed and I ordered this pump on sale from I saved $57.00 and was pretty proud of myself. With a 90day return policy and only 98 days left in my pregnancy from order date, I was confident that I made a good buy, but would continue to research and if it wasn't the right pump we could take it back.

I don't even have the pump yet and I'm already talking about returning it. I talked to a friend who is PRO breastfeeding and she basically told me that my hopes were set pretty high in regards to the exclusively pumping with a little bit of baby to breast mixed in. She gave me a small slap in reality and of course freaked me out and got me all worried. But when I asked if I should keep this BIG expensive pump she didn't know what to tell me because she only ever used a pump once with her kids and it was a cheap Manuel.

So I talked to a friend who has 3 under 3 and is going strong breastfeeding her youngest for 8 months now. The longest she's ever gone and she's loving it. I can't imagine how she can even breastfeed with 3 under 3 a teenager and she's in school, but she does it and I figured she'd be my best encouragement. She scared the CRAP out of me, telling me the hard, rough and painful truth with a little added sweetener at the end. I asked her if I should keep the pump and she said yes, but she uses a manual pump. hmmm

I've read great reviews on this pump also by Medela - Harmony it's a manual pump intended for occasional use. This pump is way cheaper and probably fits my needs but pretty much crushes my dreams of storing up enough milk by 7-8 months. I'm ok with that now as I've learned that beast feeding is a daily choice, so aiming for a year although great may be pushing the goal and experience.

Or I could try this one the Medela Single Deluxe Battery/Electric Pump which I've read pretty good reviews on and is cheaper than the double but a little less work than the hand pump.

Here ARE some of my new wants and don't wants in regards to breastfeeding (Some may still be unrealistic)

I want my baby to have my milk for as long as possible

I want to save money.....the cost of formula is CRAZY

I still want a baby that will take a bottle and the breast allowing others to help with feedings, but I'm afraid of what they call nipple confusion.

I want to pump milk, but don't want to be hooked up to a pump every 2-3 hrs

I want a baby not totally dependent on me and my breast.

I'm still aware of the pain and discomfort and I'm still willing to push through it.

I still want to store milk, but maybe in small quantities.

Although, not my first choice I will not beat myself up if breastfeeeding just is not for me.

I want to take a breastfeeding basics class before and after I give birth.

So I come to you guys to help me chose the best pump for me and my needs and wants. We have no plans of having anymore children so whatever we get will not have a chance to be reused. I also come to you guys for advice, words of encouragement, and a few slaps of cold hard truth. Everyone needs some every now and then.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Think About It ~ Thursday

Forgive me if I don't keep up with this but I will try. It's just some quick things I wish people would actually think about. Some will be serious, while some will be funny. - Enjoy

This week I wish people would think about the cute little travel sections that most stores have now days. With winter just around the corner and every ones allergies on overdrive, I've been out and seen way too many gross fluids freely fly out of the mouths and noses of people. ugh

So the next time your snotty, sneezing kid is touching all the toys and candy at Target, think about at least bringing some tissue to catch it. The whole allergy bit, I totally understand. I live in Oklahoma, but even though it may not be contagious, bodily fluids are gross, so think about it....and carry travel tissue and sanitizer at all times.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pregnancy Update 27 weeks

How far along? 27 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: I actually lost a lb since my last OB apt. I was wrong by 2 lbs on my last update guessing I was up 18 total but it was actually 20, so now that I've lost a lb. My total weight gain thus far is 19 lbs. (don't know how on earth I lost a lb. lol)

Maternity clothes? Yea I guess you could say that.

Stretch marks? None that are new

Food Cravings? I have a major sweet tooth still, but nothing specific

Food Aversions? None

Best moment this week? IDK if this was the best, but it was really funny and made my day. I was at the grocery store picking up some stuff. I paid at one of those self check out stations. The guy who watches over all of them came over to me and said " miss, are you gonna pay for that watermelon?" We both laughed it was cute to me. :)

Any Worries or Fears? I've been really worried about breastfeeding for some reason. Vashon was not breastfed at all, and I really want to breastfeed this baby, but I'm so freaked out about it. I will be speaking with a lactation consultant at the birth center where I plan to deliver.

What I Miss? Sleeping, walking normal, not peeing on myself every time I laugh, cough, or sneeze. I miss being able to keep up with Vashon.

What I Look Forward To? Having this baby. My hips hurt so bad

Movement: I'm getting to know his movement patterns. He has the hiccups often, but is a rockin it out night owl. He sleeps most of the day and is up all night....which is why I miss sleep so much.

Gender: BOY!!!! haven't had a 2nd u/s to double check, but the first one was very clear.

Labor Signs: Nope

Weekly Wisdom: None this week

Milestones: I'm in my 3rd trimester......Welcome to the HOME STRETCH.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Everyday I wake up and tell myself I'm going to be a better mommy than the day before. I tell myself things like "you got a full nights sleep, you're going to go have a wonderful breakfast and plan a full day of activities for your son". But...........

I assume that everyday Vashon wakes up and says to himself......."how can I push mommy's button today?"

Everyday me and Vashon seem to get into some type of battle with each other. Everyday he asks me the same 3 questions 50 times, and everyday I answer him. Everyday he says he's not going to take a nap, or wont eat what I've given him and everyday I tell him that he is not the parent and I'm in charge. Everyday I ask him to clean up his toys and everyday he acts like he doesn't know how to. At least once everyday I find myself in my room counting to 10 and some days to 20. Then everyday he tells me he loves me and seems to forgive me for yelling or walking away from him.

V$ and I were watching The Back Up Plan last night, and there was scene where a father to be asked a father of 3 about being a parent, his response had me and V$ laughing for a few mins. He said " It's awful, awful, awful, awful, awful, and then in a moment something happens and it makes it all worth it, then it's awful, awful, awful, awful, then another moment happens to make it all worth it again...."

I hate to say it, but he speaks the truth. If given the choice to trade Vashon and have no moral backlash, I still wouldn't do it. I love him so much, but no one ever told me how hard it was to be a parent.