Monday, July 26, 2010

Are we real parents now??

I know even while pregnant with Vashon I had to take different steps in keeping him safe and what not. When he was born we became real parents but things measure out to be hard at different levels as a child grows. Vashon is 3 yrs old now and I just noticed in these last few months, that we have to change the level in which we parent him and we have to prepare for the upcoming years....

Vashon used to keep us up at night for feedings and diaper changes, then he became a good sleeper and now we're up at night fighting monsters in his room.

Questions!!! Boy oh BOY, I had no idea that while I was pressuring him to talk, talk, talk, that I would create a question asking monster. lol The sad thing is I can't not answer him, he's at a rapid learning stage in his development and refusing to answer his many many questions would be like not taking him to school.

We have to watch what we say and do around our son now. It's very clear that he speaks and even more clear that he understands emotions. He can now tell us when we're happy, mad, or sad, which means he can say bad words or wrong phrases. So being careful with the things that we say and do is now a must. I've even noticed now we have to monitor the things we watch when he's around.

The great DEBATE over anything and everything, it's hard now because he's still so cute so, when he says "but I can't want to go to bed" or " Dashon can't eat that" you want to just say aww how cute, and cave. The hard part is knowing that if we teach him to win debates quick and fast he will never understand the rules we've set up for him.

This is my kind of discipline, lol Just kidding. But it's gotta change now, like I said in the how were you raised post. The things you do and the way you handle them can make your child grow up to say " I will never treat my kids like my parents treated me" or "my parents were strict, but they did it because they loved me".

This is how we have to discipline him now. Punish him, explain to him, and let him know it's out of love and not anger.

The ouchies and the band aids, he's a big boy now and if I keep carrying him up the stairs or stopping him when he runs too fast at the playground he'll never be prepared for that first real bruise or bump. I'm terribly afraid of that first broken bone or black eye, but Vashon is ALL BOY and I know in due time we'll have our fair share of trips to the urgent care.
So me and V$ talked last night and we both agreed that we need to make some changes to our lifestyles and habits in order for our child to have the best life or learning right from wrong the right way. No more do as I say, not as I do.


  1. It def changes. I'm always very aware of what types of things are around Kyndra b/c kids can pick up on so much. I only like her to watch Nick Jr because IMO other cartoons are highly inappropriate-some to the point I don't think any kids should be watching them!!! We are also careful on what we have on around the kids.

  2. I know there is so much we have to watch. I have the oldest at 10 yrs old and the rest on down. There is so much they know at such a young age. I know Nick Jr is always on almost 24/7 at our house. It's sorta hard to be a parent nowadays. Our parents had it pretty easy. :)


  3. lol, I watch Nick Jr. ALL day long and if that is not on then the tv isn't on. lol. I have to dvr everything and wait until Vashon goes upstairs or in asleep. I'm so sick of yo gabba gabba. lol


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