Monday, July 25, 2011

Varen - 8 months

Varen @ 8 months old - July 21,2010

Weight - 22 lbs

Sleeping Patterns - He no longer needs to nurse to sleep, but he still likes to comfort of someone near him. I'm not able to just lay him in his crib at bedtime and he fall asleep on his own. He goes down at about 830-9pm and wakes up to nurse around 130am. After that he's a beast to get back into his crib, so I recently put his pack n play in our room. Now when he wakes up to nurse I take him in my bed, feed him and put him in the pnp. He then sleeps until around 6am, and nurses again. He wakes up for the morning around 9am.

Eating Habits - He's a great eater in the aspect that he'll try anything and has not really protested against any of the foods I've offered. He doesn't eat bulk amounts of food despite what so many people think, he still loves mama's milk and prefers that over any food.

New foods he likes - LOVES potato's, Mango, pasta, chicken, real green beans, He LOVES pancakes (no syrup) still loves bananas.

New discoveries - He's been blowing raspberries for the longest but now he's learned that he can use our legs or arms to make that same noise.

Varen Jacob 8 mo old

New Milestones - He says da da, mum mum, ba ba, and hi. He got his two bottom teeth at 7.5 months. He cruises, very slowly but he does hold onto the couch and walks. He crawls backwards and is up on hands and knees bouncing, he is so close to crawling. I'm in no big rush, because I have a good feeling Varen is going to be into everything so take your time baby.

Places baby went - Went to visit daddy's side of the family in Muskogee and Tulsa, OK on the 4th of July.

Anything else - I'm still getting a lot of naysayers on Varen's size and while I think they use Vashon as a stepping stone to what a normal baby for me should look like. Vashon was placed on a weight gainers diet at 14 months he was always well below the curve. I love Varen's rolls and I highly doubt i'm over feeding him considering he's breastfed. To those that think that his increased weight is because I feed him table food. I'll correct you on that also. Varen started solids at almost 6 months, and while he does eat what we eat, I alter his portions and the way I cook things now. He does not take in additional salts or sugars.

How is older brother - Vashon is doing well, but he just doesn't have the older brother cling to Varen that I would like him to. I know that he's only 4 and things will change but we really want him to understand how important he is to Varen as his older brother. We often tell Vashon how awesome God thinks he is in making him the big brother, we tell him how he's a great big brother the times we catch him doing something helpful or nice with Varen. I think that Vashon is just not a baby person, he's never really cared for babies, so maybe once Varen is more mobile, Vashon will be a more involved big brother. Aside from that he's excited to start to school, but probably not as much as I am, we fight daily. No one told me how testing having a 4 yr old would be.