Friday, September 2, 2011

Deployment Bucket List

So the hubby is deployed and I'm stuck at home with the kids, with no big plans. In past deployments I've gone back to Cali to stay with my parents, there are several reasons why I'm not going home this deployment.

- Vashon is starting pre k and while it's just the school before school, and it's only two days a week, both Vashon and I need this break and adjustment for the future. It's not fair to start him in school in a total different state than he's from and possibly pull him out move him across states again to regain school. And lets face it with Van staying in the AF for the long haul I'm going to have to deal with some deployments during the school year. :(

- We just got back from Cali. Moving from OKC to California is no walk in the park, it's even harder with two young kids. The drive is long, the cost , and lets not forget forwarding my mail, switching our primary care providers and getting adjusted to the time difference.

So for the first time we are staying in OKC, whatever will I do with all my extra free time?

It's suggested that wives stay busy when their husbands deploy. Hmm, am I not busy with two kids already? Am I not busy with the additional chores? sure I get to stop shaving my legs but in my case I now have to take out the trash and do the laundry, I think i'm going to be pretty busy.

It's suggested that wives get a hobby to make the time pass quickly. Hmm the things that I'm interested in doing require me to not have my kids around, in fact anything without my kids is fun for me. lol. Don't get me wrong I love the boys, but if we're talking about "me time" I don't want them around.

So with two kids, additional chores and Vashon starting school and soccer, I think I will stay pretty busy. But I still want to create a lil goal or bucket list. I mean since I don't have to shave my

So before this deployment is done i'd like to :

Lose about 5-10 lbs

Tone up my arms and my butt

Eat 3 servings of vegetables & fruit a day

Drink only water for 26 out of 30-31 days

Actually drink 8-10 glasses of water a day

Curb my sweet tooth at least 5 days a week (limit myself to 1-2 sweet treats 5 days a weeks)

Donate this bag of old clothes that has been sitting in our closet for months now

Get Varen to sleep in some type of bed that is his, toddler bed, crib, pnp all night

Take Vashon and Varen on dates at least twice a month

Set a schedule for the kids and stick to it

Encourage Vashon to try at least 5 new foods

Tone my belly

Remember that Vashon is only 4 yrs old and to speak to him like he's 4 and not 14

Stop impulse buying and save money

Only spend $150.00 on each kid for Christmas

Lead by example of how I want Vashon to treat people

Purge my house of clutter and junk

Take my vitamins and make sure Vashon takes his also for overall health

Read a story to my kids every night aside from the nights they watch the dvd that daddy made reading to them

Say my prayers every night and encourage Vashon to do the same

That's all for now but I'm trying to think of things big and small in order to push myself. I'll print this list out and put it on my fridge. And I guess I'll report back once the deployment is over. Wish me luck.