Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kids and Crafts (2)

More crafts with the kids. Am I doing this for my son, or my sanity? Ever think about the reason behind play dates? My son started them at 12 mo. 12 months!!!! what 12 month old knows if they like a kid or not? By age 2 it was clear that he was getting to the point where he wanted to pick his friends, as a result of that, I lost friends......

Now at 3 Vashon is down to a few good friends and plays decent with other kids, but I try to avoid large settings with kids of different ages. (you know fights tend to break out, mothers tend to snicker and someone child is always crying)

This wk the kids made plants, it was hot out, so this was a nice fun summer day activity.

The kids scooping their dirt in the empty milk carton

Time for seeds

More dirt

Smile Vashon, please

The story behind this is hilarious. Vashon is 3 yrs old and should be wearing a size 3t or 4t. Well he's rather small for his age and since we were going to be playing with dirt and outside I pulled out some old play clothes for him to wear that day. The shirts I pulled out were size 12 mo. They didn't even fit him, while he was playing basketball his shorts fell down. I don't miss diapers but I do miss the bulk that they offered. lol

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