Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blame the Cake

One day while blog stalking I came across this blog post of an old wives tale.

I'm currently working on an old wives tales blog post which is going to be up soon and really funny. This couples friends have a tradition of baking a cake that is half blue and half pink. The cake is then frosted and placed on a turning plate. The father-to-be is charged to turn the plate and the expectant mother then cuts a slice. Whatever color she cuts determines whether or not they are having a boy or a girl.

Because I don't know how to bake......well correction I can but it's not pretty, I asked my next door neighbor and friend if she would mind baking the cake for me. She was happy to do it and brought the cake over this afternoon.

Here is the frosted cake inside one half is pink and the other half is blue but only she knows which is which

V$ turned the cake a few times and finally I cut a slice and boy, oh boy what did we get
Team PINK!!!!!!

This is me and Melisa aka the cake lady

So here is the cake with both sides blue and pink and the slice that V$ and I selected. :) We'll see if this holds any truth in July.

Special Thank You to my friend and neighbor Melisa for making such a yummy cake and taking the time to be apart of me taking on the old wives tales. It was really fun.


  1. This was really fun and I was thrilled you wanted me to take part in it, although mine didn't turn out too pretty either with it's lopsidedness....I'm thrilled about the outcome!

  2. I've never heard of that! That is a really neat old wives tale! Oh, fun and yummy too!! We'll see if the cake is right!

  3. That sounds so fun! Too Cool. I will have to do it with my next pregnancy.

  4. Can't wait to see if the cake is right ?? It sounds like a lot of fun !!


  5. How cute!! Looks fun too. It' kind of simular to how Sean and I are going to announce the sex to our families. We are going to have a "sex reveal" get together. Invite family for a bbq. Everyone has to put a sticker on, either pink or blue, whatever they think the baby is. Then for dessert, we will have a cake like yours, except it will either be all pink or all blue. Once we cut into it, our families will know if it's a boy or girl!


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