Saturday, June 26, 2010


I'm trying to catch up a lil on fun memories, so I thought I'd do a lil post about the kids birthdays thus far.

Vashon turned 1 on April 5, 2008 and he had his 1st birthday party in Moore, OK. His Nanny and great Aunt came out for his birthday along with his Ne Ne, Aunt Vanessa, and all his 1st cousins on V$'s side. His friend Jonah was also there. The party was at celebration station which was not the best idea, I should have kept it small and at home, he could barely walk. The party was fun and the theme was the Backyardagins which was a show that I loved to force Vashon to watch when he was 1.

His 2nd birthday made up for and thing his 1st party lacked, Vashon had two birthday parties. One in California and another in Oklahoma City. Many kids attended and we did go all out. Throwing him a carnival themed birthday with a bounce house and carnival games. Vashon had a blast, and it was so nice for my side of the family to celebrate a birthday with him.

His second, 2nd birthday party was a combined party with his BFF Ciara, in Oklahoma City, OK and it was an ice cream social party, where the kids were able to make their own ice cream sundaes. Yummy

After having two 2nd birthday parties I decided we would take it easy for his 3rd party and celebrate at home with just mommy and daddy. The truth is when you think of how much you put into these toddler parties, you realize you could have just bought your kid an amazing gift instead. I chose to hold off on a party this yr because when I asked him he couldn't tell me what type of party he wanted. He was able to tell me one thing and that was that he wanted doughnuts instead of a cake. So I went out and bought doughnuts and made a special birthday cake for Vashon's 3rd birthday. We took him bowling, and to the zoo for his special day.

Vayden's 1st birthday we went to Chili's which is something we plan to do every year on May 22nd to remember Vayden. If you've read his story you know the last meal we had before he was born was Chili's. From now on we will celebrate each yr at Chili's on May 22nd.

We did have a cake this year, I'm not sure if we will have a cake every year but we will have something sweet, to remember our sweet heart.

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