Monday, June 21, 2010

Catch up time

Ok So I'm like 4 yrs behind on updating you on our family, so let me do a very brief timeline right now, so you know how this all started.

I met V$ in Las Vegas, NV in 2006. Our courtship was short but meaningful, I can honestly say that after I met V$ I actually could picture myself getting married. People that knew me then, knew my life long dream was to get out before you get hurt....although I was never really good at that V$ was someone special and something different. I knew after our 2nd date that he was "the one" We were married on March 24, 2007 as you can see I was very pregnant.

Vashon was a total surprise, so much that I went about 8 weeks before realizing that I not only missed a few periods but I was having morning sickness....not bad McDonald's. Here we are at my baby shower, aww just too young kids we had no idea the curve balls that we would have to catch.

Vashon Jordan Stewart was born April 5,2007 @ 35 wks 6 days. The pregnancy with Vashon was almost story book, aside from not being planned, finding out late, the bleeding at 13 wks, and the trip to the hospital at 28 wks with a major horrible painful migraine headache. But I was beautiful from start to finish I gained 18 lbs, I had a perfect no stretch mark belly, my hair grew longer and fuller, my skin was awesome and I had a great medical team.

It was said that lil Vashon stopped growing at about 33 wks so I went in for an amnio to see if his lungs were mature enough at 35 wks and sure enough they were. Labor was induced and I like a pro, lol only was in labor for about 5 hrs and pushed for 35 min. Vashon J Stewart was born at 4 lbs 14 oz & 16 1/2" long, screaming like a 10 yr old.

So 3 months after Vashon was born, my AF husband gets orders to retrain. Yep 3 months after baby, 4 months after marriage.....we didn't have a chance to be new parents or newlyweds. V$ left for retrain school and I a new scared mother took Vashon and moved to Cali to stay with my parents for 4 1/2 months.
When V$ finished retrain school we were no longer assigned to NV and our new duty station was all the way in Oklahoma at Tinker AFB. This was Jan 2008.
Blah blah blah time is rolling, we moved into a house it was nice, had a few trips back to Cali, they were fun, Vashon is growing, very cute. All is well
August 2008 I approach V$ and tell him I want another baby......he says ok, and in October I got the BFP.
Now this is where Vayden's story comes in and he has his own blog so you can jump over there to read his story Long story short we planned him, did everything right and he suffered from a rare fetal condition a "fluke" in development that resulted in me carrying to term despite fatal diagnosis....

And having a baby that lived with us for only 3 hrs and 45 min. Vayden James Stewart born May 23,2009 at 35 wks read his story at

Time went on and our family was now a different family as we joined the group of infant loss families a group that has many member but none of them want to be there. We were tested, we were blessed, we fell, we got back up, we learned so much in such a little amount of time, I'm just so thankful that we stuck together because if anything would break a family, you would think it would be this. We waited almost a year before trying again and we quickly became pregnant with our semi unplanned rainbow baby. I say semi because if you know Vayden's story I was like planning like I had a problem getting pregnant or something, with this baby we just decided on a month that we would stop being so cautious and wait on God. This baby is due in December. you can follow this babys story at

So we are Christians and we chose to raise our children in the same manner. We're military so we travel a lot. We have family movie night at least once a week, my husband and I are learning how to fight fair. Our children are blessed and not spoiled but to the naked eye (they're spoiled) We want them to have everything they need and most of the things they want, but we want them to know that everything they get is a blessing and it can be taken from them at a moments notice.
We are not perfect but we take awesome pictures and I am a serious picture taker, I believe "pictures are happy moments frozen in time" and I like to capture those, so many people view our pictures and think we're this perfect happy family....we are happy, but far from perfect and sometimes not even happy. But do you really want to see a picture of my auguring with my husband??? lol.

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