Saturday, June 26, 2010

Love to Laugh @ the Stewart's

At the lake watching the boys fish I looked down then up and the lens of my sunglasses just fell out. 7/2009

Eating one of the BEST burgers in the world. IN N OUT burger in CA. April 2009

Halloween 2008, we were the best dressed family on Tinker AFB.

umm yea just one of those days before Vashon finally got a hair cut. Sometime in 2008

Arts n Crafts Monday's Vashon had way too much fun with sidewalk chalk, lol

At Elmo Live in 2008, we had a blast

Vashon about 3 wks old sleeping on my stomach. OMG he was so tiny

I love this picture of V$ and my Ex dog Brown Sugar, look how she is sitting, lol

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