Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kids and Crafts

Even thought I'm a SAHM, Vashon is social and for the most part plays well around other kids. the groups are getting smaller as our kids are now starting to pick who they want to be friends with but we still get our kids out to play with other kids on a regular basis.

Sheena another AF wife wanted to prepare her 3 yr old daughter for pre school next year by starting an arts and crafts day. Once a week Sheena, Jonique and I meet with our kids and have arts and crafts. Sheena started the first one off with a 4th of July craft.

With only 3 kids, it's not too much chaos but I do truly have a new found respect for pre school teachers and I don't think they get paid enough....but then again neither do SAHM's.

I found myself doing more of Vashon's project at times, but he did have fun.

aww, how cute

2nd project

A big beautiful smile. Gosh he's so cute

Me and Vashon.
Everything went well, there were a few meltdowns, but I think this is a good lesson in arts and crafts but sitting down and actually doing something. It's my turn to host this next week. Wish me luck

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