Thursday, September 30, 2010

Think About It ~ Thursday

I love Craigslist, you can actually sell and buy some great stuff on there. I mostly use craigslist for outdoor play items for Vashon and some of those expensive baby toys that make sound, light up, and are highly overpriced when they only get used for a few months. But I draw the line at some things I will buy and most of the things I will sell.

Over this past week I spent some time on the site and some of the things that people put up for sale really made me say "C'mon now ppl think about it". Here are some of the REAL listings I've seen in the past week.

Used Sippy Cups for $7.50 - 1st of all why the .50cents? Really? 2nd USED sippy cups! I understand that you were basically selling them at under $1 a pc but I personally draw the line when I'm going to buy used sippy cups or baby bottles. Sorry.

Toddler 3T spiderman underwear, USED but in very good condition no stains or holes - $5.00 - Ick!!! are you kidding me. When you grow out of your underwear do you look at them and say well they are in good condition still so I'll just sell them online? umm no throw those things away and please don't put them for sale on craigslist. C'mon ppl think about it.....

Used Electric Breast Pump, I paid $300.00 for it, but I'm selling it for $275.00 - First of all it's frowned upon to buy used breast pumps, but to each is own. I've read about many women buying used and getting new tubes and stuff so basically all they buy is the unit used. But if you're going to sell your used breast pump for only $25.00 less than you paid for it new, umm you have something that you need to think about......

Used Crayons and Coloring books -20 coloring books slightly used and about 150 crayons - $3.00 - Yea it's a good deal, but slightly used? What does that mean when it comes to coloring books. The way I see it is you can go to wal mart and get a box of crayons for .25 cents brand new. Does the $3.00 really mean that much to you? You'd do better just donating this to a children's church class or daycare.

All I'm saying is there are things that are honestly worth the sell and there are things that you just need to chop up as a loss and say "I enjoyed it when I had it and now it's time to go". So the next time you're going to post something for sale on craigslist, really think about.


  1. All I can say is Wow , people will put almost anything on there. I have never seriously looked for anything on there. That's pretty wild. Now I think if I get the time I will have to check it out for fun.


  2. I sold my old pump on Craigslist for $50. :) Yeah, if you're trying to sell a pump you can't sell it for close to the new price. That's just ridiculous. I'm sure some sucker will buy it though.

    some of the things for sale are just crazy!


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