Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What Have I Been Up To?

Ok, so I guess I've been away for a little while. I haven't really been updating on FB that much either, so all in a nutshell here goes.......

On the 6th I went to have an u/s because my midwife said I was measuring a week ahead, even though they have always had my due date set one week behind what I know is correct. I know due dates are not an exact science but I knew my LMP, I knew the dates of baby dancing and I knew that the due date that they gave me was most likely not possible. But who's going to pass up another u/s?

Baby at 30 wks (they say 29) weighed about 3 lbs 4 oz and looks great. Still very much a boy and seems to have my nose and lips. He likes to sit with his legs stretched out and ankles crossed which is why I'm always so uncomfortable.

Dr. R comes in and tells me that I have a slightly increased amount of amniotic fluid. My heart didn't sink but it did skip a beat or two, he goes on to say that he doesn't think it's anything serious but they want to watch me more closely from now on. I kind of feel like they handle me a little, they know me well and they know all I went through with Vayden I just feel like sometimes they may protect me more than other patients. I left a little blind sided and didn't ask the proper questions before leaving the office. Needless to say I went home and got on google and that is when I freaked out. I read about all the possible causes for elevated fluid and drove myself so nuts I didn't sleep that night. When I woke up I called my midwife to let her know I was freaked out but wanted more information on my u/s. She told me that my fluid levels were high but they were high normal, normal fluid ranges from 5-25 my fluid was at 24.8. She also told me that it fluctuates often and in two weeks it could be back at a mid normal level, they are going to continue to watch me closer and they want me to take the 1 hr Gluco Tolerance Test again to see if I've developed gestational diabetes later than most. I'm grateful for the caring staff and I guess grateful that they all felt I was 29 wks calling for them to issue another u/s, otherwise we'd never know this.

So as of right now I don't know much, I'm up to bi weekly apts now and will be having another u/s to see our boy on the 20th.
I've also been busy tying up the loose ends of My Very Own Angel, when I started this foundation I suppose I didn't consider that I was going to have another child and what would have been Vayden's room or a baby room turned into my home office and inventory station. That room was filled with teddy bears, t-shirts and comfort pack supplies. I've been working on a new t-shirt design after putting all my in stock shirts on sale at a low clearance rate. I've had a strong creative block and that design is still being worked out, but I've decided that before I bite off more than I can chew I'm going to put a hold on t-shirt sales and only do what is manageable with a new baby and a 3 yr old. Once I get into the swing of life with two at home I will re open the angel store. I still plan to send out CTT comfort packs and do teddy bear donations, in fact I just dropped off another donation of bears to OU Children's about 2 weeks ago.

On sat Oct 9th I went to the annual walk to remember that the hospital does every year. I wrote all about it on Vayden's blog so you can stop by there to see more pics and read how everything went.

Where was V$? He was away on a TDY and although he was supposed to be back before the walk, that's the AF for you and he didn't make it. I was blessed to have two wonderful friends attend and walk in his place to remember Vayden.
Vashon, what can't I say about Vashon? lol. He's getting to be such a cute big boy and he's learning how to push my buttons beyond belief. How can something so cute be so mean sometimes? He's getting smarter everyday and it's amazing, honestly amazing to see your child say new things and do new things. The child you once had to do everything for can now do so much on his own. It's a true blessing. That being said the more they talk, the more they talk back. Vashon seems to think we're on the same level and he's become quite bossy with me and his father, don't worry we're quick to put him in his place, but that doesn't mean he doesn't still try. We're trying really hard to get him ready for baby, so unlike the first few months of my pregnancy where we wanted to spend as much quality time with him and take him everywhere, we're now down playing that and trying to get him adjusted to playing on his own because when the baby comes we're going to be busy.
We're also trying to get him to use his inside voice, not run, jump, or throw things in the house. In return we're trying to remember that he's only 3 and that in most cases the "bad" things he does are not intentional. So for first offense things like hmm yesterday when he took his sidewalk chalk and wrote on the carpet, I didn't get upset. I let him know that what he did was wrong and I asked him to help me clean it. We don't want him to associate his new baby brother with getting in trouble for every little thing, but trust me it's hard.
About a week ago we moved our dinning room table into the dinning area of our living room and turned our dinning room into a playroom for the boys. This room is full of arts n crafts, toys and even has a tv in it. I was so tired of always seeing toys and crayons in my living room, I was tired of always having to watch Dora. Sometimes I like to sit with the tv off and read a book without Vashon throwing things all around me. I have banned all toys from the living room and my bedroom. Of course Vashon doesn't follow those rules but we're working on it and I hope that within 2 months he will understand that he has two rooms in this house that basically belong to him. Wow kids today!

So that's what is going on in my life in a nutshell. I'm 31 weeks now and I could have anywhere from 4-6 weeks left in the pregnancy or I could actually go to 40 wks, who knows. I'm shooting to make it to at least 37 wks, because if I follow in the footsteps of my last two boys 35 weeks in when they demand out.

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  1. Hopefully the next time they check you out the fluid is still at normal levels and if they do another GTT on you it comes out normal too. I'm glad you called the midwife for more of an explanation. Otherwise it might've made you crazy thinking about it.

    Those little ones can she be rambunctious and mischievous!


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