Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Verdict on the Stessful Breast

So a few days ago I posted how stressed out I was about which pump was best for me. I was a little stressed about breastfeeding in itself but my heart is in that and I really am determined to breastfeed. My worries centered around my unrealistic views of breastfeeding and breastfed babies along with which pump was right for me. I got a wonderful out pour of support from comments to messages on fb and some personal emails. It was encouraging to see that so many of you breastfed your babies like it was just something you had to do. It makes a world of a difference when you have a choice and when you don't. So that is my first approach, although I am not going to jump off the ledge if this doesn't work. I'm going in with the mindset that breastfeeding is my goal and like women that refuse pain reliving drugs during L&D I plan to treat formula the same. (I know that there are exceptions to the rules, and if all else fails then we will supplement, but that is if I somehow fall into the rare group of breastfeeding horror stories).

Yesterday when I got home there was box on my door step that said Medela, my breast pump finally came in. Today I took it back to the store for a full refund.

After reading review, after review, on so many different pumps I came to the conclusion that the $57.00 that I saved buying this pump on sale was not worth it, if it turned out that I didn't like the pump or need a pump of that magnitude. I realized that there were many options out there for me, like using a pump at the hospital, or renting a pump. I also came to the conclusion that pumping probably shouldn't be my main focus in the first few weeks, but if I did REALLY need a pump the store was not far. I need to mentally prepare myself for what everyone calls 2 weeks of Hell. Even the best breast feeders said that the first 2 weeks are a little funky and often that's when many mothers give up.

I just have a few questions, which I'm sure I'll ask while I'm in the hospital. I understand that colostrum is very thick and very filling for a new baby, but I've read of a few women that didn't get their milk in for like 5 days after delivery. What happens if I'm home & my baby is clearly hungry and my milk hasn't come in? I ask this because my husband can't stand to hear babies cry and I can only imagine what type of argument we'll have when he's reaching for a bottle insisting that I'm starving the baby and I'm crying about nipple confusion and the baby never taking my breast again. So please if this happened to you, tell me what to do.

I know it seems like I'm leaping so far ahead, but he's a man, and there are some things he just really doesn't understand. He's also in the military so he thinks very straight forward, if the baby is hungry then feed it, if you have no milk than buy some. I try to think about what he may think before hand so that I can be prepared to explain to him what's right and wrong.

So in regards to the pump, I'm happy with the decision I made, and even if it turns out that I will want or need that exact pump after baby VJS3 is born at least i'll know for sure vs the waiting and wondering.

Thanks again for all the wonderful support.


  1. From what I understand, the baby only needs what you have at the moment. The colostrom should be enough until your milk comes in. I would latch the baby on when he is ready for a feeding, or if crying. The more he sucks, the quicker your milk will come in. I think it is around 3 days. I remember with son3 my milk coming in right before I went home from the hosptial after my c section. That is how I understood it, anyway.
    I didn't have to give my boys anything but the breast. I just loved when my milk came it hearing them swallowing and chugging the milk!

  2. Sometimes it can take a few days for your milk to come in. The colostrum will be enough for your baby until it does. Just feed them when they give hunger cues or cry. Sometimes it could be every hour!! And your nipples will prolly be quite sore! That's the tough part to get thru IMO. I love Medela pumps. I have 2 electric ones and I got a manual one from the hospital. You should check and see if insurance will pay for a breast pump. They can qualify as durable medical equipment (DME).


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