Thursday, September 23, 2010

Think About It ~ Thursday

The other day I was talking to a friend who doesn't have children yet, but she's planning to have some very soon. It was so funny to hear her say things like "my child would never do that", or "I don't understand why parents allow their kids to act, say or wear that".

Vashon has now become somewhat vocal about his wardrobe. I am the parent that looks at a kid wearing snow boots, jean shorts and a pajama top in Wal-Mart and thinks....."what the H&*% is wrong with his parents and why did they let him go out like that". Vashon and I currently have a battle of the crocs going on. Everyday no matter what he's wearing he wants to wear these blue crocs. I've grown to hate the shoes I once loved so much. On Saturday we went back and forth over the crocs not matching his clothes for 20 min (tears were included) when finally I said "fine, we're just going to Wal-Mart, put the crocs on". Of course he was happy and that made his day and I was disappointed that I became one of the parents that I talk about.

So if you are not yet a parent think about not setting your hopes too high with the "my child will NEVER" because although some things are worth the fight, in the case of the crocs I had to learn to pick my battles.

If you're already a parent think about all the "my child will NEVER" things you said before you had kids.

*funny huh?

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