Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pregnancy Update 27 weeks

How far along? 27 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: I actually lost a lb since my last OB apt. I was wrong by 2 lbs on my last update guessing I was up 18 total but it was actually 20, so now that I've lost a lb. My total weight gain thus far is 19 lbs. (don't know how on earth I lost a lb. lol)

Maternity clothes? Yea I guess you could say that.

Stretch marks? None that are new

Food Cravings? I have a major sweet tooth still, but nothing specific

Food Aversions? None

Best moment this week? IDK if this was the best, but it was really funny and made my day. I was at the grocery store picking up some stuff. I paid at one of those self check out stations. The guy who watches over all of them came over to me and said " miss, are you gonna pay for that watermelon?" We both laughed it was cute to me. :)

Any Worries or Fears? I've been really worried about breastfeeding for some reason. Vashon was not breastfed at all, and I really want to breastfeed this baby, but I'm so freaked out about it. I will be speaking with a lactation consultant at the birth center where I plan to deliver.

What I Miss? Sleeping, walking normal, not peeing on myself every time I laugh, cough, or sneeze. I miss being able to keep up with Vashon.

What I Look Forward To? Having this baby. My hips hurt so bad

Movement: I'm getting to know his movement patterns. He has the hiccups often, but is a rockin it out night owl. He sleeps most of the day and is up all night....which is why I miss sleep so much.

Gender: BOY!!!! haven't had a 2nd u/s to double check, but the first one was very clear.

Labor Signs: Nope

Weekly Wisdom: None this week

Milestones: I'm in my 3rd trimester......Welcome to the HOME STRETCH.


  1. Yeah, it's nice not peeing on yourself when you do all those things!! lol

  2. Stephanie, you, Vashon & baby are SO cute! I'm looking forward to the day when baby boy gets here!

  3. I'm so excited for you. Can't wait til baby gets here. What a cute picture too. You look great !!


  4. I can't believe you are in your 3rd trimester! And I'm right behind you!! AHHH...we are getting so close!


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