Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The 31 Week Bellies

I didn't take very many belly pictures while pregnant with Vashon, but I did manage to find photographs of each of my pregnancies at 31 weeks. So lets see how the bellies progress from baby to baby.

31 weeks pregnant with Vashon Jordan

31 weeks pregnant with Vayden James

(no amniotic fluid at this time)

31 weeks pregnant with VJS3

(too much amniotic fluid)

So I think we all can agree that the 3rd pregnancy has definitely caused some changes, I mean aside from the belly look at the boobies I'm rocking this time around compared to with Vashon. 3 bellies all taken at 31 wks pregnant 3 boys.

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  1. Your belly is def the biggest this time around. It was the same for me. And you know what? My boobs are the biggest too right now! I think I was a DD when my milk came in with the first 2 girls and now my boobs spill out of my DD nursing bra. I told Anth I should prolly get some new bras that fit right.


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