Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween 2010 with the Stewart Family

We are not BIG on Halloween,but we do think that it can be a fun day. As Vashon gets older and understands more I get excited about his involvement and excitement. This year he was super excited to visit the pumpkin patch, but when it came to carving the pumpkins he let V$ and I do all the work.
As much as we aren't Halloween ppl, we do try to do either a family costume theme or find a super cute costume for Vashon. Since we didn't agree on dressing up as a family, I was ready to just let Vashon pick his own costume this year. When I took him to the store we got into a HUGE argument because he wanted to be an adult white and pink unicorn. As I tried hard to show him costumes in his size and gender he went off on me. I was done and we left the store. A few days later I stumbled upon a DJ Lance Rock costume (the guy from Yo Gabba Gabba) online. I showed Vashon the costume and he said he wanted to be him. I was thrilled because it was so cute. When the costume came he told me he didn't like it, didn't want to try it on and didn't want to go Halloween.

The weeks passed as Halloween got closer and Vashon showed no signs of caring about dressing up. Since it's lands on a Sunday our church and the base chose to celebrate it today and about 30 min before go time we tried to get Vashon dressed in his costume. He refused! and REFUSED! and REFUSED! finally I showed him how trick or treating went, because he LOVES candy, and his daddy told him you can't do that if you don't wear the costume. He agreed and sadly put on his costume, but once it was all on we made a big deal about how awesome he looked and gave him a lolly pop. :)

Vashon and DJ LANCE ROCK

I said I wasn't going to dress up, but at the last minute and I mean last minute, I found myself online looking up cheap easy costumes for pregnant women. I at first wanted to be "an old lady that swallowed a fly" but I'm a horrible artist and couldn't paint all the many animals on my belly that she swallowed.
I was ready to just say forget, at least our boy would be a hit, and then I remembered that I had two yo gabba gabba iron on transfers downstairs. So I quickly found and old shirt and ironed on the characters at belly level. Above it I wrote "Party in my tummy" one of their songs.

I was surprised the ppl noticed my shirt and it was a great hit, especially when I stood next to Vashon.

You know we'd never forget about Vayden, but so wish he would have been with us to trick or treat.

Vashon and his daddy, I really wanted V$ to dress up like the big version of DJ Lance Rock, but the costume was over $50.00 and we really didn't feel it was worth it.

We had a great time and Vashon was a very polite trick or treating, saying "thanks" or "thank you" to everyone that gave him candy and not asking for more than what was given to him. I was so proud of him for not only putting the outfit on but keeping the hat and glasses on the entire night. He usually hates hats and it really made the costume. We didn't see any other DJ Lance Rock costumes and Vashon was surely a hit at the places we went to. Truly a one of kind costume, made perfect for him.
We got home and Vashon asked to have candy and take off his costume, while V$ checked his candy I got him undressed but about 45 min later he asked to put the whole costume back on. :)


  1. He looks great and my youngest loves that show right now. I'm not big on costumes and such but I do let the kids have some fun getting CANDY !!
    Great pics and I love your shirt too. Vayden's pumpkin looks wonderful.


  2. This is hilarious!! Perfect shirt for you and he looks so much like DJ Lance. My niece is OBSESSED with Yo Gabba gabba!!

  3. Ok, totally cute he went as DJ Lance and I love the party in your tummy! lol


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