Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dipe N Wipe Party (Baby Shower)

Yesterday was our baby shower which was actually a diaper and wipe party. A few friends asked to throw me a shower for this baby, but I only said yes to one of them. Not because I didn't want multiple showers but this is probably our last baby and last shower and I wanted it to be very special. I knew she would work with me to host the party rather than come up with all the ideas. Call me tacky but I played a major role in throwing this party and it was the best shower, I got what I wanted, which was to bring my close friends together and celebrate this pregnancy for what it truly is our rainbow after a storm..........
(The theme of our party)
Each guest was hand picked to attend the shower based on the support they offered us through our journey with Vayden. Some knew me before Vayden was even thought of and others I met during or after Vayden, but in some way each and every one of those people played an important role in my healing process. They are special to me and they know how special VJS3 is to our family.

(The party favors with the description of what a rainbow baby is)
I asked everyone to wear blue, it's not often that you role the dice 3 times and get the same gender. Having 3 boys is not a curse or a bad thing, it's a blessing. God knows what is perfect for our family and that is what he's blessed us with. Van's shirt says "Dad of 3", Vashon's shirt says " Big Brother" and I even bought a shirt for Brother Bear that says "Middle Brother".

(The Stewart Family 2010)

(My Boys)

Oh did I tell you? My mom flew out for my shower. It was amazing to have her celebrate this time with us and she really made it complete.

(Brother Bear chillin by the gift table)
I am extremely blessed and I have great friends out here in OKC, I was so happy with the way my shower turned out that I would almost consider having another baby. lol Just Kidding. Special thank you to Victoria my host for putting up with my Momzilla mentality,lol I wasn't that bad.


  1. I love baby showers! Looks like yours was a great one! xoxoxo

  2. So beautiful and great pics. I just love the theme of it and the candy to tell about the rainbow baby. Awesome. I love the shirts and most of all the middle brother bear was there.


  3. I'm glad you had a wonderful shower!!

  4. The shower sounds beautiful! You sound and look very happy! Sending hugs!


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