Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vayden's Story on the Local News

If you don't know much about Vayden's story, you should know that a wonderful non profit organization called Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, came out to the hospital and took amazing professional photographs of Vayden. The organization also gave me a wonderful maternity shoot, because I was a mother who knew the fate of my child and carried to term.

I was contacted in late July to do a special report news story for our local news to share Vayden's story and to talk about how amazing the organization is providing these lasting memories to families who suffer infant loss. NILMDTS does this all at no cost to the families and these are not just your average "like to take pics" photographers, they are talented, trained and professional. They are compassionate and I've developed a close relationship with both the photographers that worked with our family.
FOX News 25 did an amazing story and I'm very pleased with the outcome.
(click the link that says FOX News 25 or either of the photos above to view the news segment)


  1. A wonderful interview! I was in tears!!

  2. What a great interview!
    So glad you, once again, had the opportunity to share your Sweet Angel and NILMDTS with the world.

    Keeping ya'll in my prayers.


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