Monday, August 9, 2010

A Day at the Water Park

I planned a trip for me a Vashon to visit California this month, to get away from OK and to have a little mother and son time before the new baby gets here. Vashon has had 3 yrs being the shinning star and I can only dream of the transition he will go through when his 2nd little brother comes home. My mom had lots of things planned for us for our stay to give us the biggest bang for our buck.

I'm totally in vacation mode and really don't want to do anything. But I'm trying to get my motivation back. On Saturday my older brother and his family came to visit and we all went to the water park.

Let me just say that it was an experience I don't want to try again. I'm glad I took pictures because after Saturday it's going to take a lot of motivation to ever take Vashon back to a water park.

A very pregnant Stephanie and Vashon in the kiddie pool

Vashon and his nanny splashing water

So far the pics look great and we didn't think to snap photos of the real Vashon, but he hated the water park. For two days prior he asked me over and over again if he could go to the "water play". I got him all excited showed him pictures of the place, showed him the online commercial, even did a small countdown. He was so excited the day of and even when we got there. He runs to go play in kiddie land and everything was ok.....until a little bit of water splashed him, then he was DONE. He starts to cry and act like he was on fire, it was HOT, I was PREGNANT and not in the mood. He walks over to where my dad was sitting under a shade tree and tells him he wants to go home. So I go over there to talk to him.......which was probably a bad idea, because I was irritable and not in the mood to deal with his drama.

I left him with my dad for a few mins and went back out to play, knowing my dad would find a way to talk him into trying again. Finally Vashon was ready to try again, so I went to get him and we started off slow by taking him to an area where water would not splash him and he could just sit down and kick his feet.

When we were told he wasn't allowed to just sit there, is when everything once again went down hill. The one thing that bothers me about Vashon is he's so quick to make up his mind about something. He's 3 yrs old and wont ride a bike because the 1st time he tried he couldn't understand that he had to peddle. We try so hard to explain things to him at his age level but it seems like if it's not his way the 1st time around he's done forever with it. I don't want him to be left out of things as he gets older and I don't know if this is just an "age thing" he's going through or if this is an early sign to the personality that he's going to have when it comes to homework, sports, etc.

I feel it's better to learn young than to find out the hard way when you're old. So my SIL and brother took him through the kids area and we all agreed that we would put him down the slide, or as my mom says "push him".

My brother went down with him and although he was upset with my SIL and he did cry he also went down the slide.

We all cheered for him and gave him high fives, told him how proud we were of him and when my brother asked if he wanted to go down the big slide again, Vashon nodded his head "yes".


  1. Hoping he will want to back. Sounds like my Jennifer if it doesn't work the first time forget it. Great pics and I'm so glad he wanted to go down the big slide. Everything is easier when your young.
    I love waterparks !!


  2. It looks like it was a nice day out! When we went to the waterpark at Kings Island it was a cloudy day and as soon as we went to the waterpark area it cooled down but then warmed back up when we left!!

    Well the photos do make it look like he was happy to be there! lol


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