Wednesday, August 18, 2010

FuN iN CaLi

So me and Vashon took a trip to Cali for 2 weeks to see my family and enjoy the nice weather. This is more than likely our last trip to Ca before the new baby comes so I wanted to make the most out of our entire trip. Family has always been very important to me, but after moving away from them I've realized just how IMPORTANT family really is. I try to make it a point to see some of the key members of my family when I visit. It's also very important that my children know their extended family and know them well. I have lots of pics but I'll share a few of my favs.............

We flew into Las Vegas, NV for a day to visit some of the Vegas family members my mom picked us up from the airport.

Ok this soda machine was so freakin cool at a restaurant in Cali called BEX. The soda machine was digital and had a touch screen. I totally looked like I was from the country taking pics of this but it was really something I've never seen.

We had a great time seeing friends and family

Vashon and his cousin Jasmine at the baseball game in CA & dinner with some old HS and work buddys

Vashon is so blessed to have both sets of his great grandparents in his life. To me this photo is priceless

Me and My bestie Monet @ the ballpark

Vashon and his great aunt in NV & with his cousin S in Cali

Having a lovely convo with his great grandmother. lol

The Food was AMAZING
I honestly gained about 7 lbs in just the two wks that I was down there. Something I can't help but do is eat whenever I go to Cali. There are many things I can't get in OKC and I take full advantage of it when I go visit. Yes food is that important to me. lol
A list of the places I ate at
In N Out Burger (twice)
Chipotle (twice)
Del Taco
Grandma Hazel's house (you can't get this food unless your family)
My moms cooking (same rules as above)
Queens ( amazing pastrami sandwich)
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
Coldstones Ice Cream

This is a pastrami sandwich, something I'm not able to find in OK. A REAL pastrami sandwich. It's greasy and meaty and Oh My Gosh so GOOD.

So my mom wanted to keep us busy like every single day, but it was worth it. I
At the La Brea Tar Pits

You should be PROUD I let Vashon run across the field at the baseball game with his cousin Jasmine. I must admit I was freaking out the whole time there were so many kids and I just couldn't help but think about Vashon getting trampled. But he had a good time and I was so PROUD of him.

Vashon running across the baseball field with cousin J

Here we are with the mascot - Stealth.

My trip was amazing and I had a great time, I was happy to get back to "my home" and V$ of course but at the same time sad to leave. Something about going back to Cali always makes me so happy and carefree about things. Something about being at home with your parents makes you feel like a child again.

An updated photo of my Family. Dad, Mom, older brother Terron and Me.


  1. I'm sure you had a great visit!!! All that food makes me hungry. REALLY HUNGRY!!!

  2. Congrats on having another boy, each one is truly a blessing!

  3. What a great visit !! Loving all that food looks great. So glad to see you enjoying yourself.



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