Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello 2011, I'll miss you 2010

I must say if ever I wanted a year to last longer it would be 2010. That year was filled with multiple blessings after blessings after blessings. Not much went wrong or bad in 2010 and after the year we had in 2009 I was ready for a good year. So I am going to miss 2010 because it was such a wonderful year. My husband and I finally took a real kid free vacation, we bought a brand new car, we became pregnant and welcomed our rainbow baby all in 2010. In 2010 I continued to honor Vayden's memory by donating more teddy bears, sharing his story with more people and working along side some great bereavement resources here in Oklahoma City. Vayden's story was shared on the local news 2 times in 2010, even after a year our angel is still being remembered by people other than his family. In 2010 my husband started attending church more than just on Easter and after a pay raise, we even went as a family during football season (those that know Van, know that almost NOTHING trumps football). My husband and I fought less and loved more. Vashon has become so smart, was hardly ever sick, and was able to experience new amazing things. I spent lots of time with my family in California which is very special and important to me. God truly blessed the Stewart family in 2010.

What more could I ask for of 2011? That God continue to bless us, our friends and our family.

I wish everyone a wonderful new year and if 2010 was more like our 2009 for you my advice is to stay faithful to the Lord, God wont put you through something without getting you through it. He keeps all his promises I know this is true because 2010 is what I call my testimony year.

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