Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Replacing the old school "baby book" 1 Month

When I had Vashon my mom would always ask me "did you put that in his baby book?" or " is his baby book up to date?" I don't know when and where she found the time to do ours but we have very clear and very full baby books and it's actually really nice to look at them even now as an adult. For some reason I can't help but comparing my children to myself. I thank my mom for taking the time to keep such memories of us because even now with Vashon only being 3 yrs old I can't remember things about him from the 1st year.

Vashon's baby book is pretty well filled out and the missing pcs have been photographed and put online with a short explanation as the caption. The things I failed to include are things that I probably wont forget, but I should sit down and fill it in. I notice myself going back to Vashon's book to see if Varen is bigger, longer, or has similar sleep habits as Vashon.

I have a baby book for Varen and as I sat down today to fill it out I noticed that it's not laid out like Vashon's baby book. Then I thought about it, I document everything else about my life online why not use this blog as a modern day baby book.

So here goes

Varen @ 1 month - December 21,2010

Weight - 6 lbs 14 oz : Height -19 1/4"

Sleeping Patterns - Sleeps all day, awake most of the night, but overall a good sleeper as long as someone is holding him

Eating Habits - Nurses on demand usually every 2 hrs , gets about 1-2 (2 oz) bottle of expressed breast milk a day with a vit D supplement in one of them.

New foods he likes - Just Breast milk

New discoveries - His fingers are always touching his face

New Milestones - Doing everything a 1 month old should be doing

Places baby went - To the Dr. office, to meet Santa and to Target. I'm not big on taking newbies out in public.

Anything else - It seems like my days fly by and before I know the day is over. I enjoy Varen but I am still trying to catch up from the holidays, the visitors and master breastfeeding. I still find time to snap photos of my baby as he grows but the 20 min long photo sessions that I used to have with Vashon are no more. lol. Varen also is a bit of a fussy baby only allowing brief moments where my hands are free. I love him so much and his lil cry is just so sad, I only get this time for a lil while so I'm going to enjoy holding him. But he loves to be held.

How is older brother? - Vashon still wants lil to do with Varen, but he is very protective over him. If anyone tries to take Varen out of the house Vashon will make it very clear that they may not take the baby anywhere. I am also trying hard to balance the time between the boys. Vashon is in the "helpful" stage (by helpful I mean always wanting to help, but making a bigger mess for me) so I try to let him help as much as possible but he always wants to help. But of course when I really need him to help me he doesn't want to.


  1. Sounds like things are going good. So happy for you all. I think the blog is a good baby book. I know for my rainbow Carly and school events for the others it is better. Easier I think. I know all about the help part I have 3 other bodies but when I need them everyone is busy or no where to be found.
    Again Congrats he is beautiful !!!!

  2. My mom was diligent on our baby books too and I'm glad she was!! I'm trying to be the same way with my girls. I'm pretty much caught up now except for maybe 2 things I have to update yet.

  3. Congrats on your baby boy!

    I was reading through your blog, I don't know if you remember but your blog about Vayden is what actually inspired my blog, as I was dealing with an enlarged bladder issue as well. I saw on your diaper party entry that you made rainbow baby favors. I thought that was AMAZING!! I am having a shower for my rainbow baby on the 9th, and would LOVE to use that idea, if that is okay with you!! Congrats again, I love reading your updates about your family.


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