Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Made It To 35 Weeks

I'm 35 wks 2 days and still pregnant, this is somewhat of a milestone for me my last two pregnancies were ending around this time.

So what's going on with baby VJS3? I've been being closely monitored by u/s to check my fluid levels. They are still in the high normal range, but they are going down slowly with each u/s which is a good thing. I've been seen by two specialist who both agree that this issue is idiopathic and maybe he's just overcompensating for his older brothers lack of fluid.

He's still very active in there and I'm not helping much, I've developed a new love for eating ice and drinking ice cold water and that upsets him. But anytime I feel he's sleeping too long, I know how to wake him up and that comforts my emotions. I am getting so close and given my past history I could have him anytime or I could still have 4 or 5 weeks left, but either way I'm both excited and nervous.

We had a name picked for baby VJS3 and while my mom was in town I had her help paint my belly with all my boys names. The day after I took this photo with the name Varien under my belly button, Van came home to tell me he thought all day about his name and no longer likes it. He wants to go with my original name choice of Varen. I was in shock but the only thing I could think about was I had my belly painted and out of the 50 pics I took I got this one perfect shot. grrr. I asked a friend to photo shop it for me and she removed the name completely. As of now I really don't trust Van so we're going to stick to the original plan of calling this baby VJS3 or Bean until he's born and then his final name will be reveled. (photo taken at 35 wks)

I really wish people would stop thinking that having all boys is a death sentence. Today at Wal Mart getting some last minute baby items a lady with a baby boy walked by and took to how cute Vashon was singing Christmas songs. So of course she noticed I was pregnant and said "is he getting a lil sister?" I said "no, a little brother" she says (keep in mind she has a baby boy) "oh that's horrible, baby girls are so special" I say "maybe, but baby boys are sooooo fun" I think then she realized that she had a baby boy and looked at him and said "boys are good too, mommy loves you" umm yea sure. She's clearly still unhappy with the choice that God made for her. I need a really good snappy come back to the many people who will say rude things like that, or ask me if I'm gonna try again for a girl. Any suggestions?


  1. Your belly is so cute! Not a stretch mark in sight:) Having 3 sons myself, I keep hearing that question. Honestly, now that I have all boys I don't think I would want to add a girl to the mix. I hate when people assume that you want a girl sometime. I don't have a good answer though. I just tell them that I am busy with the boys I have and don't plan to have any more. Or I say "I'm too old"....I turned 40 this year!

  2. I love your belly , so cute. As for a good comeback , not sure. I have 3 girls and i boy , so sometimes I hear you should have had another boy to balance it out. I think I had a son but he lives in Heaven. I usually just say well this is what the Lord has blessed me with and I will do my best with them.
    Keeping you in my prayers


  3. I had four girls,then I miscarried twins...then a son then my baby girl Emily.
    I remember people saying when I was pregnant with the girls,"Bet you wish it was a boy!"
    I would tell them,No! I am happy it's another girl!
    With my son people would say I bet your glad it's a boy? I would say,Yes just as happy as I was with each of my daughters!
    With Emily i got really upset, people would ask what are you having? I would say a little girl,they would then say bet you wish it was another boy! I'd then say,NO I just wish she could live!Then my eyes would tear up and I'd tell them she is not compatible with life outside the womb,and they were sorry they had said anything,but still.I forgave them,but people should not ask..I think most think all babies are upsets me!
    People are rude,rude did I mention Rude?!
    Yes,I love my son,but I equally love All my daughters too!
    All children are a Gift from God!
    Anyways I hope this helps ya out :)

  4. Love your painted belly Stephanie! Good luck on the name thing.....we are not very good at having that done before the baby arrives so don't feel bad! Sorry about the thoughtless comment--what a b$#*@&! I would get mean, probably out of your character, and say something like, "aaawww, I'm sorry you're not happy with you're little man here but I would be so blessed to have another one running around!" Maybe she'd get the picture that she needs to be grateful for what she DOES have.

  5. Congratulations Stephanie! The photo of ur belly is truly gorgeous. I am 35 weeks also, my anxiety is that my daughter was 2 weeks overdue... so where I'm sposed to only have 5 weeks to go till my EDD, it may stretch to 7 weeks and that thought is driving me mad! It's funny you crave ice, so do I... must be normal of course! LOL
    I think you gave that lady great advice. She needs to be grateful for what she does have - would she be happier if she lost it?

  6. I love your belly pic! Too bad you took so many with the wrong name. Good thing for photoshop! Who knows he may still change his mind on the name. lol

    I know what you mean about people saying stuff about all boys b/c I see it with all girls too. Just like you love having all boys I love having all girls and wouldn't trade it for the world. Why can't people see that just because you don't have both you can still be happy!


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