Friday, March 25, 2011

Varen - 4 months old

Varen @ 4- months - March 21, 2011

Weight - 16 lbs

Sleeping Patterns: I recently moved Varen into the pack n play in my room at my parents house. I miss him so much being next to me. He's doing fine with the change it does take him about 30 extra min to go down, he still wakes up at 3 am to nurse then cuddle with me for about 30 min including nursing and burping. I love him in bed with me but I'm sure than when Van gets back he's going to want to sleep in the same bed with me.

Eating habits - Still on SUPERMILK aka Breast milk . I don't plan on starting him on rice cereal until about 5 - 5.5 months. and good at 6, unless he starts to show the cues but right now he's fine on breast milk.

Varen at 4 months old
New Discoveries: He is starting to hold onto more toys and give them a little shake but I don't think he has a big interest in them. He does seem to focus in on Vashon a lot more.

New Milestones: Varen started smiles at about 3.5 months and OMG he has my smile and looks so much like me. I just love this lil guy to pieces. He also has great control of his head (see photo below) he's rolled over once but has not done it again.

Places Baby Went: The boys and I took a road trip to California and Varen did amazing. We drove 12 hrs the first day and 7 hrs the 2nd day. We had scheduled stops but only had to pull on the side of the road once for a blow out nasty diaper. So in less than a week Varen went to Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.

Anything Else? Another baby? lol People actually see me out with both the boys and my massive sit n stand stroller and actually have the nerve to ask me if I want anymore. As if a toddler and an infant aren't enough. lol No I don't think I want anymore kids.

How is big brother? Vashon is starting to really love his brother and he's taking care of him in the best way he can. Telling me what the baby needs. lol. Vashon will be 4 yrs old in April and I am going to cry. My baby is not a baby anymore. :(

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  1. He's a little doll Stephanie. Just want to hug and kiss his little cheeks! Glad he's thriving so well on supermilk!
    Much Love xoxo


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