Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Varen - 3 months

Varen @ 3 months February 21,2011

Weight - 13 lbs

Sleeping Patterns - Sleeping longer, wakes up once or twice to nurse then back to bed. Still co sleeping.

Eating Habits - Nursing on demand, only drinking breast milk.

New foods he likes - None

New discoveries - His voice, he's found his voice and likes to use it. But it's so cute to hear him try to talk to us.

New Milestones - He's loving tummy time, lifting his head up, good control of his neck, smiling and laughing.

Places baby went - No where special, it's still cold and flu season so we try to stay in more than out.

Anything else - A lot of people ask what I want to do different with Varen that I didn't do with Vashon in regards to eating or schedules. Because I am blessed to stay at home, training Varen to sleep and eat when I want him to is not a big thing for me. To be honest the first yr we pretty much let the baby call the shots. I don't believe in CIO and I'm not into reading all those baby books. So we go with the flow, we try new things and we do what works for us.

How is older brother ? - Vashon is doing good he actually loves Varen a lot more and is finally taking pictures with him.

Vashon 3.5 yrs old Varen 3 months old


  1. Happy 3 months old Varen !!!
    Sounds like things are going great Yay !!!!! Such a cutie !!

  2. Stephanie - your boys are so cute! Happy 3 months birthday, Varen! xoxo


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