Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Closer to My Breastfeeding Goal

When I made up my mind that I wanted to breastfeed, I was all on board to nurse Varen for a full year. As I started talking to more moms and reading up more on the pros and cons of breastfeeding, I got scared and my initial goal to nurse for a year was pushed back to just making it to at least 6 months. Then I started searching for the perfect breast pump and got even more freaked out as my due date approached and my breastfeeding goal dropped yet again to 2 months. About 2 weeks before Varen was born I was just hoping I could nurse the boy for at least 2 weeks.

Breastfeeding started off slow and defeating in a way. Varen was too tired to wake up and latch on. Can you believe it? Big papa 20 lbs 7 month old was too tired to eat! lol I was pumping around the clock while Van would feed Varen my expressed BM. I was hurt, jealous and felt defeated, while I at one point wanted to actually pump vs nursing, at that moment all I wanted was for my baby to wake up and latch on. I kept pressing to get my baby back on the breast, and Varen soon was nursing like a champ.

Before I knew it I grew to love breastfeeding, I feared so many things that never came my way. I enjoyed nursing! Am I weird for that? I grew to hate the pump. The annoying sound it made every time it pulled the milk from my breast. My 2 week, and 2 month goals had already been met. I was smooth sailing to reaching the 6 month goal.

Varen is 7 months old now and I'm still nursing him. I have had no problems and to many I have a life aside from having a baby attached to my breast. I've even stayed away overnight without Varen. I go out in public, I've traveled half way across country twice. I've even gone to Disneyland. Breastfeeding is not what some made it out to be. I've heard some of the most terrifying horror stories from women that said, while they are glad they did it, they hated almost every moment of it. I don't feel that way at all and I even wonder if I truly plan to wean at 12 months.
So if my goal is now 12 months, I've been nursing longer than the amount of time I have left. How cool is that? I can do this, of course Varen doesn't have teeth yet but I'm hoping that even once those come in I'll still have the drive to push forward and continue.


  1. Your doing great! I enjoyed it also. I still miss it even now:( I say go for as long as it is going for well and you still enjoy. All 3 of mine nursed until about 15 moths.
    Great job!

  2. You're doing an awesome job, Stephanie! I enjoy BFing too! We're at 9 months now and my original goal was 6 months. I plan to keep going til she self weans or I lose my supply. It's so nice b/c I don't have to take bottles anywhere!

  3. I think you totally rock. Great job Momma :)

  4. Yay for breastfeeding! Haha. I too love breastfeeding now. My first goal was 9 months, then 12 months and now I'm thinking 18-24 months or possibly letting her self ween. Am I crazy? Who knows. All I know is that I love it and with my new found love I'm now considering a career as a lactation consultant. So congrats on not only reaching your goal but for surpassing it! You go momma!


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